About Us

Why Up2Paar Publishing

Up2Paar has over fifteen years of book marketing and working with the top publishers. In 2008 we worked with one of the largest publisher to push out a nationwide campaign to inner city schools.

As a client-first company, we gathered together our skills, talents, and decades of experience to meet all of those needs of our clients, whether it’s helping them find the first word to taking them to the last word to crafting their book to engaging and professional page turners.
Working with authors nationally and internationally, we set exceptionally high standards for ourselves, producing everything with excellence, and we take pride in every word written and every project entrusted to us. We love  what we do!

We pride ourselves on our differences and those special, extra choices that set us apart:

  • Excellence Reviews and Return Clients
  • Decades of Experience with a Reputation of Excellence
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
  • Reliable and Friendly One-on-One Service
  • Over and Beyond to Ensure Satisfaction
  • One-Stop Shop
  • Domestic and International Clients
  • Current and Progressive Technology


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